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Holiday lettings in Swansea Bay and Gower provide a great opportunity to organize the holiday you want in a home from home environment. Gower Edge holiday letting can accommodate up to eight people in four double bedrooms (1 king size and 3 twins). There is ample room to get together in the three downstairs living rooms and the well equipped kitchen means that you can cook for yourself or eat out as you please.

Empty beach with two people walking towards a buoy.

A busy day at the beach! Gower Peninsula, South Wales

Our family has used holiday lettings across the UK and we enjoy planning our own unique experiences, from golf on a new course, to holiday standards such as a day on the beach or a cliff walk, to new experiences such as a bushcraft day organised by Rip n Rock. We can save on the price of meals by cooking for ourselves if we need to, but we always try out a new restaurant during our stay and we often succumb to a take away or two.

We have varied hobbies in our family, so whilst my teenage sons are surfing, my husband and I can be out walking and when the three men go off for a round of golf, the dog and I can indulge in photographing the local area and having a really good sniff around (respectively)!

Being able to take the dog with us is also a consideration which makes using holiday lettings the best choice. Gower Edge allows multiple pets to stay and we have found that this is a godsend for many who find having more than one pet can put others off. Whilst it is becoming easier to find hotels which accept pets, it is still more relaxing to have a house, rather than just a room, to chill out in at the end of the day.

It is also easier to engage with the weather when using a holiday letting as a base. We can be up and out early if the weather forecast suggests this is the wisest choice for the day and then we can relax in each other’s company during any wet spells, feeling cosy rather than frustrated.

We’d love to hear your stories of past holidays. What do you think is best about holiday lettings?




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Sylvia owns Gower Edge holiday letting with the help of Louise. We both enjoy self catering holidays in other areas of the country and sometimes go away with friends, which means taking more than one dog. We endeavour to make Gower Edge a home from home during your stay, both for you and your pets. The property sleeps 8 in comfort and is well placed to enjoy the many activities and attractions around the Swansea Bay and Gower area.

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