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We hope you will find the following prices tempting. Please contact us to reserve your place using the form below or ring Louise on 01608 674467. 

Late availability weekend break February 18th-21st (leave by 10am on Monday)

2 nights – £180

3 nights – £250

4 nights (start Thursday) – £300

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Out of season ideas

The list below was originally developed for our #RememberNovember campaign, but we’ve left it up as a great reminder of all the fun things you can do at any time of year!

Reasons to be cheerful: A-Z

A is for Amazing value.

We like to support the local economy by keeping Gower Edge booked as far as possible throughout the year. Our out of season prices reflect the fact that there might be fewer guests in your party and we add late availability discounts to help with tight budgets. We hope you will be able to take advantage of this soon!

B is for Buddies, board games and a bottle of wine.

Remember the fun to be had with a few friends and a silly board game? Get on the phone and organise a get together, then relive happy times face to face!

C is for Candlelit meals.

Romantic meals can be best when you’re snuggled up and cosy against the dark or enjoyed overlooking a sunny beach. Swansea has a great choice and variety of places to eat and they are all looking for your custom thoughout the year.

D says Dabble in history.

It’s good to have some inside activities and pursuits planned for your break and a trip to the National Maritime museum, with its interactive exhibits and local history is a good starting point.

E says Enjoy a show.

After your candlelit meal, round off the night with a show at the Grand Theatre or another local venue. Look out for live acts at local clubs and pubs.

F is for Fun!

Fireworks in November, festivals in the summer, kicking around a ball on a beach or planning a once in a lifetime activity. Swansea Bay and Gower provide a beautiful backdrop for them all.

G says Gather shells.

Doing this in summer goes without saying, but the winter is a great time for beachcombing too, With different beaches yielding distinctive offerings, dogs allowed in on the act everywhere and the place to yourself. Get crafty with your collection for personalised gifts!

H is for Happy memories.

It’s always the right time to make lasting memories so do a little planning and put the jigsaw pieces in place.

I says (Be) Impetuous.

Whatever the time of year, just drop everything and go. Ring us Thursday – be on holiday on Friday!

J is for Joyful reunions.

Life is busy and time speeds by so plan a special space for the important people in your life. Then get together and have fun.

K says Keep in touch.

If you haven’t seen friends and family for a while then make a date and catch up on the gossip. Gower Edge has plenty of room to spread out and eight  is a good number for a reunion.

L is for Learn a new skill.

Whether you fancy the idea of a chocolate making workshop, a photography course or learning to surf, there’s plenty of opportunities locally to help you return from your holiday with a new skill.

M says Make marvellous moustaches and share them with the world!

Don’t keep your marvellous Movember moustaches to yourselves gentlemen – take them on tour to South Wales! Sorry – this is still November specific, but had to be left in! For other fantastic “M” options check out #swanseabaymoments

N says Notice the small delights

Paddling in your own personal rockpool; Frosted cobwebs sparking on a sunny morning;  warming your hands around a steaming mug of hot chocolate after a bracing walk along the cliffs. Snuggling up and laughing together and laying back and soaking up the rays.

O is for Open spaces and outstanding natural beauty

The sandy beaches, panoramic views and woodland walks of the beautiful Gower Peninsula are there in and out of season and there is plenty of room for everyone.

P says Promenade along the promenade

It just has to be done. Will you end up at the Marina or Mumbles?

Q is for Quiet enjoyment

Step back from the growing hive of manic activity that is life today and breathe deeply. Batteries recharged – tick!

R says Rootle around

Whether it be a second hand record shop or a local museum, rootling is a great, add-on activity for any Swansea Bay and Gower holiday.

S is for Sunrise and sunset at a sensible hour!

Swansea Bay and Gower do a jolly good sunrise and sunset throughout the year. Out of season you get to see both without recourse to an alarm clock and before putting the kids to bed. How well organised is that?

T says Talk to friends and family face to face

Take texting teenagers to the seaside for the weekend! Share the fun of new surroundings with people you see every day (we’ll let you know some signal free spots if you need them).

U says Unleash the inner you

Sometimes it’s just nice to have some “you” time. Will you make a date to follow your team (Arsenal 9th Nov; Crystal Palace 29th Nov, QPR 2nd Dec), plan a visit for Swansea Sparkle (22nd Nov) or immerse yourself in the last of the Dylan Thomas Celebrations (Guided walk 9th November and much more)?

V is for Virtuoso performances

Can we interest you in an open air concert or jazz weekend? Just a couple of the options for live music around the region throughout the year.

W is for Wild weather watching

There are some great spots for sitting in the warm and watching the weather develop across Swansea Bay. The Grape and Olive and Mumbles Pier spring to mind. Which is your favourite? #smugdryness (Note: mainly a winter activity obviously!)

X is for (e)Xtreme sports

Extremeophiles love a challenge so an added a bit of “weather” is a bonus, we’ve heard! We have some great local providers around the Swansea Bay area and if you prefer your extreme sports indoors in the winter then you can have a taste of both surfing and rock climbing under cover at the LC2. What more can we say?

Y is for Youthful pursuits

Wave at passers by. Skip stones across the waves. Eat an ice cream on a chilly day …. because its an ICE CREAM! Take a selfie and post it on our site. If its fun and it makes you feel happy, do it and claim back your smiles.

Z is for Zero hour

OK we know you can do some of the things above without leaving home, but they’re more fun by the seaside and you’re less likely to meet your boss. If we haven’t convinced you yet I can see we’re not going to, but if you see there is mileage in this then take the next steps and book your break RIGHT NOW!

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See you soon. Start planning the fun!