Self catering – 3 reasons to love it!

There’s no doubt about it, the reason I love self catering is for its flexibility and comfort. You can be as active or laid back as you want to be without fitting around breakfast schedules; when you want to make plans with your travelling companions you can enjoy a beverage sitting on a comfy settee rather than a bed; if the weather lets you down for a day you are protected by your own solid roof and walls and if you have a furry friend or two they can join you on your travels. I’ve enjoyed road trips from hotel to hotel and it’s fun camping, but there’s nothing quite as relaxing as settling into your own domain for a few days and becoming part of the community.

1. Self catering helps you meet up with friends and family.

One of the joys of our large house when we lived in it was getting a tribe together for a weekend. Lots of children running around, plenty of people to muck in with cooking and child-minding and lots of space to chill out and catch up with news – communal living at its best. Having a house with enough space to absorb that many people was one of the elements that made it work so well and sharing a holiday or short break with friends and family in a larger house can ensure everyone has a great time whilst keeping their own private space.

family on the beach

Meet up with friends and family. © Crown copyright (2012) Visit Wales


2. Self catering keeps meals flexible, affordable and fun.

No one enjoys a huge cooked breakfast more than I, but there are limits to the number of these the human body can take on a daily basis without falling into a deep slumber and missing the holiday! Self catering keeps eating as flexible as it is at home. Cooked breakfast every day if that floats your boat, a cup of black coffee and everything in between for the rest of us. Packed lunches avoid searching, queuing and waiting at cafes and restaurants and can be quickly assembled from what lies around you in best Blue Peter style. Take, for example, the Scooby Snack – staple diet of our beach trips when the boys were small. We are blessed in that our local corner shop sells fresh bread and a small range of fresh fruit and veg, so this became a quick and easy preliminary to setting off – a promise of the day to come!

Children enjoying an ice cream

Eat in or dine out, the choice is yours. © Crown copyright (2012) Visit Wales

If your prime reason for going on holiday is to leave the kitchen behind nothing says you have to set foot in it on a self catering holiday. There are many marvelous eateries in the Swansea and Gower area, delicious Take Away’s on the doorstep and you now even have the option of a chef cooking in your own home (more of which in a future blog). We usually do a bit of both, which helps spread the budget with two strapping teenagers to feed. What is your preference?


3. Self catering allows you to do what you want, when you want.

Trying something new keeps you young and makes a holiday stand out from the crowd. We have a wealth of activities around the Gower area and this is ever growing as we become increasingly known as a tourist destination. Try coasteering or have a taster surf lesson; book a game of golf or take a photography course; try your hand at archery or learn how to make chocolates. Mix and match with visits to local attractions, walks along the cliffs and building sandcastles at the beach and you can tailor your perfect holiday from a stable base where you can put your feet up at the end of the day and share your experiences.

Coasteering near Rhossili

Coasteering on the Gower © Crown copyright (2012) Visit Wales

Staying at a self catering home from home means that the daily acts of living can fade into the background whilst your new surroundings recharge your batteries. We hope to make your stay at Gower Edge as comfortable and easy going as possible and we are fortunate to be sited in an area which is renowned for recharging batteries. Perhaps we’ll see you here soon!

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I am the owner of Gower Edge, a pet friendly self catering property which sleeps up to 8 on the Gower Peninsula. We love taking self catering holidays ourselves in the UK, with the seaside being a favourite destination (preferably with a golf club nearby for the lads!)


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